Kamran Badizadegan, MD

Kamran joined Kid Risk in 2019 after a 25-year career in academic pathology, most recently as Professor of Pathology at the Ohio State University and the Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Kamran's current research is focused on analytical methods and computational systems in diagnostic medicine. Kamran is also a student of systems and organizations, and studies the effects of organizational design and structure on human and systems performance.

Career Highlights

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Professor and Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2016-19)

Key accomplishments: Structural reorganization including expansion of subspecialty practice and recruitment of 14 new faculty members in a span of 2-years; Development of multiple quality improvement and personnel development programs; Expansion of multiple diagnostic services, including startup of Diagnostic Immunology services; and Medical directorship of Nationwide Children's Laboratory Services and the Institute for Genomic Medicine Clinical Laboratory collectively producing more than 3 million billable tests per year.

Nemours Children's Hospital

Professor and Founding Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2011-16)

Key accomplishments: Startup and accreditation of subspecialty hospital laboratory in pediatric pathology and laboratory medicine; founding medical staff of Nemours Children's Hospital; recipient of physician excellence award in quality (2014)

Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Multiple positions (1997-2011)

Key accomplishments: Subspecialty clinical practice with increasing responsibility at Children's Hospital Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital; Core Faculty member at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology; Member of The Academy at Harvard Medical School; Principal Research Scientist at MIT Spectroscopy Laboratory