Marita Zimmermann, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Former Post-Doctoral Researcher, Kid Risk, Inc.

Dr. Marita Zimmermann contributed to Kid Risk efforts to explore the health and economic benefits of current and future investments in poliovirus surveillance, particularly environmental surveillance. She completed her Ph.D. in health economics and outcomes research in the Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research & Policy Program at the University of Washington, and she continues as a post-doctoral research in that program. Her research focuses on cost-effectiveness, budget impact modeling, program evaluation, and U.S. and global health. Dr. Zimmermann works in academic, industry, and non-profit settings. Dr. Zimmermann received her M.P.H. from Brown University, where she focused on global health as well as opioid abuse throughout the U.S. Prior to entering the public health field, she worked as a chemical engineer for Merck. She received her undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University in chemical and biomedical engineering.