Survey on the proposed content for investment cases

We recognize the importance of engaging all interested stakeholders in the process of developing investment cases to (1) characterize the impacts of current expected investments and potential alternatives for managing measles and rubella and (2) consider these opportunities and their timing in the context of the portfolio of ongoing (e.g., the Global Polio Eradication Initiative) and other potential initiatives. We provided stakeholders with access to a draft of the proposed content for investment cases and requested input by asking the following 6 optional survey questions using a survey form that allowed respondents to provide as much or as little input as desired and to provide input anonymously if they preferred:

1. What specific comments would you like to make about the text of the proposed outline and descriptions?

2. What audience(s) do you believe the investment cases need to target? Do you believe that the proposed content will provide the information needed by the target audience(s)? If not, what do you believe is missing, needs adjustment, or requires clarification?

3. What thoughts would you like to share with us at this time about the current path and how we might characterize the expected status quo (discussed in part 2)? What thoughts would you like to share with us at this time about any alternative paths and how we might characterize them (discussed in part 3)? Please note the investment cases will include consideration of the eradication of measles and rubella separately and together, and we particularly invite your thoughts on any issues related to the achievement of existing regional and global targets and goals as well as your thoughts on timing, particularly in the context of the overall portfolio of global disease management efforts.

4. What ideas, concerns, thoughts, experiences, data, information, or other topics would you like to sharewith us at this time, if any?

5. Would you like to provide your contact information and tell us briefly about your interests, experience, and/or potential biases related to the development of investment cases generally and/or specifically for measles, rubella, and CRS?

6. In what way(s) would you like to engage further with our efforts to develop the investment cases?