At Kid Risk, we focus on improving children's lives by understanding, characterizing, and communicating about the real risks that children face around the world, and on empowering policy makers, parents, kids, and others to use the best available information and analytical insights as we do our best for children. We recognize that managing risks is the key to realizing the best possible futures for everyone. Learn more about our mission and organization and meet our team.

Kid Risk currently focuses its research on managing the risks associated with polioviruses (read an overview) and characterizing the benefits of global investments in measles and rubella immunization. We receive funding for our research from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Our research demonstrates that investments in public health save lives and money.

October 2018 - Read about our extensive research on polio and our recent analyses on poliovirus in Pakistan and Afghanistan, including the importance of implementing proactive strategies to stop transmission, the potential for undetected circulation, and tradeoffs associated with different characteristics of the poliovirus surveillance system. You can also check out our other news and learn more about our research.

June 2018 - Watch Dr. Thompson briefly discuss the economic case for eradicating polio during a workshop at the National Academy of Medicine Forum for Microbial Threats meeting on Understanding the Economics of Microbial Threats.

News - December 2017 - The Society for Risk Anlaysis recognized Dr. Thompson and Nima Badizadegan with a best paper award related to its paper modeling of measles and rubella.  You can also read an editorial by Dr. Thompson that asks: "What will it take to end human suffering from measles?" and the July 27 press release announcing a special issue of Risk Analysis on modeling and managing the global risks of measles and rubella and listen to the related webinar.

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