Kid Risk Measles-Rubella Investment Case Model Inputs - Profiles for 180 WHO member states and 3 other areas        


Charactizing population immunity and the potential for measles and rubella viruses to transmit in population requires characterization of numerous inputs. Although we focus on the high-level (e.g., regional and global) analyses, we model viral transmission at the level of the WHO member state. This page makes it possible to view the input assumptions that we use for the historical routine immunization (RI) and supplemental immunization activities (SIAs). We also provide brief summaries of the available serological data that we can compare to the population immunity estimates in the model at various snapshots in time that correspond to the data collection time(s). Finally, we also show the reported cases and deaths. We welcome your comments on the assumptions.


Please select a WHO Region to find specific profiles for WHO member states modeled in the region:
Note that the map on the right shows each region by color (black dots show the locations of the Regional Offices) and you will need to click on the link of the region name in the list below to go to the next step.

Blue - African Region
Pink - Region of the Americas
Purple - South-East Asia Region
Yellow - Eastern Mediterranean Region
Green - European Region
Red - Western Pacific Region